Friday, July 23, 2010

How to Use for Free

Earlier today I posted a list of ten ways that teachers can use There was some confusion about whether or not is free. is completely free for anyone to use. I figured out why some people thought it was not free and the reason lies in the format of the homepage. Watch the screencast video below to learn how to use for free.

Click here if you cannot see the screencast video.

Weekly Video Tip - Cheap Whiteboards

In this week's video I share a resource that isn't free, but could save you or your school some money when purchasing whiteboards.

Thanks to Janet Morrison for the tip about shower boards.

Ten Uses for in Education

More than two years after its initial launch, is still one of my favorite all-around web-based tools for teachers. Here are ten ways that teachers can use

Update: As of December 15, 2010 will no longer exist. 

Update for clarification: is completely free up to 100mb of storage. Beyond that, you can either pay a premium or simply create an additional drop. I just tested this a minute ago by creating a brand-new drop for free. Important: You DO NOT need to create an account to use In fact, if you try to create an account using the "sign-up" link you will be signing-up for Manager which is not what you want to do.

Update #2: See the screen capture below to see how to use for free.

1. Post documents and PDFs for others to view and download.
2. Post documents, links, videos, audio files for others to access and comment on.
3. Create voice recordings in MP3 format.
4. Establish a voicemail box at no cost to you.
5. Host online presentations.
6. Chat with others accessing your page.
7. Create an anonymous email account.
8. Create a "drop box" to collect work from students using the upload widget. No longer available, it has been replaced by a "hidden uploader" which is not embeddable.
9. Use bookmarklet to bookmark links and add them to your page.
10. Offer RSS feed for updates to your page.

(Click to enlarge) Important DO NOT try to sign-up using the account log-in and password field. Use only the steps to the left. You DO NOT need to create an account to use

Here's a video overview of