Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A New Directory of Education Blogs

Disclosure: Edublogs is currently a paying advertiser on Free Technology for Teachers.

Edublogs has just launched a brand new directory of education blogs. The directory is divided into fourteen categories covering most K-12 subjects, library blogs, and professional blogs. Although the directory is hosted by Edublogs, the directory is not limited to blogs hosted by Edublogs. Anyone can submit his or her blog to be added to the directory. And if you're into blog badges, Edublogs provides a blog directory badge that you can display on your blog.

Applications for Education
If you're looking for some new blogs to add to your RSS reader and some people to add to your PLN, check out the new Edublogs Blogs Directory. Likewise, if you're introducing teachers to RSS readers, blogs, and or PLNs, the Edublogs Blogs Directory could be a great reference to direct those teachers to.

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Looking for SXSW Votes

South by Southwest, commonly referred to as SXSW, is a huge technology, business, and entertainment conference held in Texas every March. This year, I submitted a proposal to host an education discussion panel. The panel is comprised of myself, Steven Anderson, Cory Plough, Mary Beth Hertz, Kyle Pace, and a moderator yet to be named. The panel discussion will focus on the emerging role of social media in schools. It could be a great opportunity to reach a non-education audience with our message of why schools need to embrace social media.

In order for this panel to happen we need your votes. SXSW picks panels through a crowd-sourcing process. To vote please visit our proposal page and vote us up. You will need to register to vote. On behalf of Steven, Cory, Mary Beth, Kyle, and myself, thank you.

Video - You Can't Be My Teacher

Last night on Twitter Nancy Rubin posted a link to this video about the need for teachers to be familiar with how to use the Internet for instruction. You Can't Be My Teacher features a young student asking the questions all teachers should be answering. Watch the video below.

Unfortunately, too many teachers only know what is on the Internet through the nightly news that often portrays the Internet as a scary place. Helping teachers answer the question, "do you know what is on the Internet?" is why I write this blog.

Tripfilms - Travel Videos and More

Yesterday, Make Use Of ran an article listing ten travel websites for virtual sight seeing. One of the websites really jumped out at me was Tripfilms. Tripfilms hosts more than 8200 user-submitted videos from destinations all over the globe. Tripfilms videos can be searched by location using a map interface or in a list view. Videos on Tripfilms can be embedded into your blog or website.

Here's a video from Tripfilms about Saint Boniface Basilica in Canada.

Watch more Saint Boniface videos at

Applications for Education
Tripfilms could be a good resource for geography teachers and students. Students can search Tripfilms to find videos filmed on location about the places they're researching.

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Guest Post on Speed of Creativity

Today, I wrote a guest post for Wes Fryer's blog Speed of Creativity. The post deals with the two ways we, as teachers, can respond to policies that impair our ability to deliver the best possible learning experiences to our students. Read it here.