Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hack Education - Add This Blog to Your RSS Reader

I'm often asked for recommendations for blogs and or people on Twitter to follow. I've written a couple of posts in the past in which I've shared my recommendations, you can read those posts here and here. This evening I'd like to recommend another blog that you should add to your RSS reader. Hack Education is written by Audrey Watters who also writes for Read Write Web. What I like about Hack Education is that Audrey brings the perspectives of a "tech insider" to the world of education. Tech blogs are great at covering the latest tech developments (I get a lot of my strictly tech ideas from them) and education blogs are great at covering education, analyzing the implications of technology for education can be tough, but Audrey does a nice job of it on Hack Education. Check it out, I think you'll like it.

Disclaimer: Audrey did vote for my SXSW panel, but I was reading her work long before that.

Number Nut - Math Games and More is a part of Rader's family of educational games and activities. Number Nut provides some great games with which students can practice and develop their math skills. Unlike many other Math game websites, Number Nut includes some word problems that force students to problem solve rather than just recall information from rote memorization.

Applications for Education
Number Nut's categorization makes it easy for teachers to differentiate and select the games or activities most appropriate for each student. The games and activities on Number Nut range from very simple things like recognizing shapes and colors to more complex concepts like calculating ratios. The math glossary available on Number Nut is helpful for students unfamiliar with a term or concept to problem solve on their own.

Do You Moodle? Three Helpful Resources

If you're a Moodle user Moodle Tutorials could be a great reference for you. Moodle Tutorials provides a free place for users to share the video tutorials that they create. As long as your video is about Moodle, you can contribute to Moodle Tutorials. Every video on the Moodle Tutorials website is accompanied by an embed code and a download option. May, 2012 - seems to have gone offline.

Joyce Seitzinger, author of the Cat's Pyjamas blog, has a great one sheet guide for Moodle using teachers. The guide is essentially a chart of things that you can do with Moodle and how those things can help you reach your pedagogical objectives.

Here's how the guide is read, pick a task such as "create a news forum" on the side of the chart then find an objective on the top of the chart. Follow the two columns to where they meet to find a color coded explanation of why a forum might be good for dissemintating information, but not so good for assessing learning.

You can download the chart here or explore the Cat's Pyjamas here.

Russell Stannard runs an excellent website Teacher Training Videos. Included in his catalog of free videos are tutorials for using Moodle.