Thursday, September 2, 2010

Think Tutorial - Free Web Apps & Software Tutorials

Think Tutorial is a site providing free, easy to follow tutorials on a variety of web services and software. On Think Tutorial you will find tutorials for taking advantage of the many features of popular email services like Gmail, Apple Mail, Hotmail, and Yahoo mail. You will also find tutorials for using iWork and Word. Want to learn how to use LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook? Think Tutorial has you covered there too. Need to know how to alter settings in your favorite web browser? Think Tutorial has tutorials for that too.

Applications for Education
Before you make your next set of how-to screen captures for students and or colleagues, check out Think Tutorial. Think Tutorial could be a good reference to point students and colleagues towards when they need help with email, browser, or software settings.

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Skype Introduces Group Calling for 10

Back in May Skype introduced five way calling as a beta product for Windows. Apparently the testing went well enough that today they introduced ten way video calling. Ten way calling is a Windows only beta product. You can read more about it here or download it here.

Applications for Education
Ten way calling could be used to connect classrooms for mini-global conferences. Ten way calling could also be used to host group study sessions online.

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Insightful News Infographics

Mashable has an article today titled 10 of the Web's Most Insightful Infographics. I looked through the list and while I didn't think all of them were great, there were a couple that jumped out at me. Actually the two that I'm going to highlight below are really interactive maps that Mashable called infographics.

Geography of a Recession is an interactive map found on the NY Times website. The map outlines every county in the United States. Click on any county to see the unemployment rate for that county and the increase or decrease in unemployment over the last year.

The World Factbook Dashboard is an interactive map that allows you to color code the world based on statistics including population, infant mortality, GDP, and inflation.

Applications for Education
Both of the interactive maps listed above could be useful for economics lessons for students to compare the economic well being of different parts of the world. You could use these maps as the launching point for further research into the causes of the economic differences between different places.

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Videos for Learning About Congress

Yesterday, my post about 47 Alternatives to YouTube started with the statement that some excellent educational content can be found on YouTube. And right on que, this morning I discovered that the Center on Congress at Indiana University has a YouTube channel containing 25 short educational videos. The videos cover topics like Federalism, Checks & Balances, and the legislative process. The video below contains a short lesson on how a bill becomes law.

Applications for Education
I plan to use a couple of the clips from the Center on Congress at Indiana University with my Civics students as quick review items.

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Students Discuss Who Is Responsible for Education

This morning's episode of CNN Student News contains a segment in which students share their thoughts about the question, "what do you think students can do to get a better education?" This is a great question to ask our own students at the beginning of the new school year. Watch the video below.
Click here if you cannot see the video.