Monday, September 27, 2010

Plus Maths Challenging Mathematics Puzzles

Plus Magazine is a free online publication dedicated to introducing readers to practical applications of mathematics. Plus Magazine strives to reach that goal through the publication of mathematics-related news articles, podcasts, and mathematics puzzles designed around "real-life" scenarios.

Thanks to reader Christine Lenghaus for sending me the link to Plus Magazine in an email

Applications for Education
Plus Magazine's mathematics puzzles provide students with challenges of varying difficulty. Most of the puzzles include some type of real-world scenario as a framework for the challenge. The puzzles could make excellent extra credit problems at the end of a mathematics test.

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Watch WatchKnow Without YouTube

One of the great things about the Internet is that new services are always appearing and existing services are always trying to improve. Try as I might, I can't keep up with all of them. That's why I was wrong when I left WatchKnow off of my list of 47 Alternatives to Using YouTube in the Classroom. I originally left it off my list because I mistakenly believed that WatchKnow was still relying on YouTube to serve videos. Over the weekend someone from WatchKnow corrected me by pointing out that there are over 4,000 videos available through WatchKnow that are not served by YouTube. Click the "classroom accessible" button to search for videos that are not hosted by YouTube.

Applications for Education
WatchKnow provides a good resource for locating educational videos that you can use in your classroom. You can search WatchKnow by content area categories and subcategories.

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Take the Dangerously Irrelevant Textbook Challenge

Dr. Scott McLeod has issued an interesting challenge to teachers and school administrators. The textbook challenge is based the idea that, in Dr. McLeod's words, "there's not much in your children's textbooks that isn't available in at least a dozen places online for free." The challenge is to prove that statement correct or incorrect. So grab your kid's textbooks and start searching. Then post a comment with your findings on this post on Dangerously Irrelevant to be entered to win a prize pack of books. The books are Tribes by Seth Godin, Catching Up or Leading the Way by Yong Zhao and Ignore Everybody by Hugh MacLeod. I listened to and read Tribes when it came out and although its technically a business book, many of Godin's ideas could be applied to an education setting. Zhao's blog is in my RSS reader and his book is on my "to read" list.

Ask 60 Minutes

The popular CBS News program 60 Minutes has partnered with YouTube to create Ask 60 Minutes. Ask 60 Minutes gives viewers the opportunity to ask reporters follow-up questions after watching a 60 Minutes segment. Viewers can ask their questions via text or through a video response on Ask 60 Minutes. Videos of the individual segments of 60 Minutes have been available on CBS News for quite a while, but now you can also watch them on YouTube.

This week Ask 60 Minutes gives you the opportunity to ask questions of Lara Logan about her report on the border area between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Applications for Education
I know of at least one Social Studies teacher who often uses clips from 60 Minutes to get students talking about and researching current news stories. Ask 60 Minutes gives students the opportunity to dig deeper and ask the reporters themselves about their reports.

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