Tuesday, October 12, 2010

PBS Kids Cyberchase Games

PBS Kids Cyberchase website offers forty-five educational games for students in third through fifth grade. The games are intended to help students develop their skills in mathematics, logic, and pattern recognition. Students who have PBS Kids accounts can keep track of the games they've played and rank the games they've played.

If you would like to make your own game for your SMART Board, check out the PBS Kids Lucky Star Game Show template. The template contains 150 questions that can be used to create games.

Thanks to Anne Marie at Talking SMART Boards & Much More for the tip about PBS Kids Cyberchase.

Applications for Education
PBS Kids Cyberchase games and the SMART Board template could be useful for elementary school mathematics lessons. Students can play the games individually then come together to participate in a group activity using the SMART Board activities you develop with the PBS Kids template.

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Start Practicing Now for the YouTube Symphony

The second annual YouTube Symphony has just been announced. In 2011 musicians selected for the YouTube Symphony will gather to perform in Sydney, Australia. This year musicians can audition online for the orchestra or for a solo improvisation role. Those selected have all expenses paid to get to Sydney. Find the music for your instrument and start practicing, audition videos are due by November 28.

Applications for Education
If you have some advanced and dedicated musicians in your school's music program, the YouTube Symphony gives them something big to strive for beyond their local programs.

A Conversation with Animoto's CEO

Animoto is a video creation tool that has become quite popular with educators. In the video below Robert Scoble sits down with Animoto's CEO Brad Jefferson to talk about some the newer things Animoto is working on. In the video Jefferson mentions integration of Photoshop elements and, for those fans of 80's rock, a collaborative project with Bon Jovi.

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The Art of Storytelling - Hear a Story, Tell a Story

The Art of Storytelling is a website hosted by the Delaware Museum of Art. On The Art of Storytelling visitors can listen to stories and read stories based on works of art. Visitors can also create their own stories. To create a story visitors select a work of art then type a story or record an audio through their computers' microphones. Visitors can also build stories after creating their own simple works of art using drag-and-drop menus. Either way that they're made, stories can be shared on the Art of Storytelling website.

Thanks to Kristen Swanson for sharing this excellent resource.

Applications for Education
The Art of Storytelling could be a good resource for art teachers and writing teachers. Students can record critiques of art works on the site. Students can also use the site as inspiration for creating short stories.

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Encyclomedia - Video Encyclopedia

Encyclomedia is a free video encyclopedia. On Encyclomedia you can browse for videos and articles by category or search for a specific topic. What I like about Encyclomedia is that visitors can read an article then go watch a video that matches that article. It's very similar to the now-offline Nibipedia and VisWiki sites.

Thanks to Ann Oro for sharing Encyclomedia on Twitter this morning.

Applications for Education
When I searched on Encyclomedia this morning I didn't always find what I was looking for (Revolutionary War only yielded a couple of results), but for some content areas it could be very helpful. Encyclomedia could be helpful for struggling readers to get some visual and audio content to support them in their quest to understand a particular topic.

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