Thursday, October 14, 2010

Interactive Romeo and Juliet

The Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare Project has an outstanding interactive resource that everyone who teaches lessons on Romeo and Juliet should bookmark. Interactive Folio: Romeo and Juliet is an interactive display of the text of Romeo and Juliet. As students read the document they can click on any link in the text to view definitions, images, audio recordings, and videos related to the content they're reading. 

Thanks to Donna Murray for sharing the link for this excellent site

Applications for Education
Interactive Folio: Romeo and Juliet looks like it could be a fantastic resource to help students comprehend Shakespeare's most famous work.

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Google Under the Hood - Workshop Outline

This morning I ran a workshop at ACTEM's annual conference. The focus of the workshop was on exploring some of the lesser-known products offered by Google. During the workshop there were four brainstorming sessions during which participants contributed to a Google Document to share their ideas for using these lesser-known Google products in their classrooms. As you go through the slides below you will see the Google products we explored and the links to the brainstorming documents. The brainstorming documents are open to the public so feel free to make your contributions or to save the documents for your own use.

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Using VoiceThread in Moodle - Documentation

For users of Moodle, VoiceThread recently announced some useful new information. VoiceThread has  published documentation for integrating VoiceThread modules into Moodle 1.9. In this documentation you will find all you need to know to embed VoiceThreads into Moodle, creating VoiceThread assignments with Moodle, and authenticating with single sign-on.

Applications for Education
Here's an idea that I've previously shared about using VoiceThread in a history classroom:VoiceThread could be used as a great tool for students, parents, and teachers to collaborate on a local history project. Local historical societies are always looking for people willing to share information and knowledge. Creating a VoiceThread to share with a local historical society would be a great way for students to learn about their local history and perform a community service at the same time. Students and teachers could invite their parents and grandparents to share their knowledge of local history in the VoiceThread conversation.

Full disclosure to please the FTC: VoiceThread paid for part of my trip to the NECC 2009 conference.

Reminder - K12 Online Conference

Just a quick reminder that the K12 Online Conference is a great opportunity to get some excellent, free professional development. The conference was kicked-off this week by Dean Shareski who gave the keynote Sharing: The Moral Imperative. Look to next week for many more excellent presentations as part of the K12 Online Conference.

Watch Dean Shareski's K12 Online Conference keynote below.