Monday, October 25, 2010

Twiducate - Social Networking for Schools

Twiducate is a free platform for creating your own micro social network in a Twitter-like format. Twiducate allows you to create a private network for posting assignments and messages to your students or other people you invite into your network. As the creator of your network you create and administer the accounts of the students in your network. Students in your network can reply to your messages and to the messages of other students.

Watch the short video to learn more about Twiducate.

Applications for Education
Twiducate could be a good tool for introducing to the concepts and methods of micro-blogging and social networks. Twiducate gives you the power to oversee your students' accounts. Students can post in a safe environment.

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Khan Instant - Instant Search for Khan Academy

Khan Academy is famous for the fantastic educational videos produced by Salman Khan. Khan's mathematics and science videos are available on YouTube, on iTunes, and on Khan This morning I discovered Khan Instant. Khan Instant is an instant search engine (like Google or YouTube instant) for Khan Academy videos. Just to clarify, Khan Instant was developed by Ben Jacobson not by Khan Academy.

Applications for Education
Khan Instant could be a good tool for quickly locating outstanding mathematics and science videos to supplement your classroom instructions. Searching with Khan Instant is much faster than trying to browse through the YouTube channel for the video that meets your needs.

Everything's Free, Now What

This morning I presented at the NHSTA conference. Slideshare is giving me a hard time right at the moment, but I promised to get the slides up for all attendees. These are not the exact same slides as this morning, but they're close.   These are the slides from this morning's presentation to the New Hampshire Science Teachers Association. Thank you to everyone that attended my presentation. And thank you to NHSTA for inviting me to be their keynote speaker.