Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Underwater Images from Panoramio

Panoramio recently made an announcement that should be of interest teachers using Google Earth in their classrooms. Panoramio is now accepting underwater imagery. The new underwater imagery contributed to Panoramio should enhance the underwater layers of Google Earth. If you've never explored the underwater imagery of Google Earth, the video below offers a short introduction.

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Learnopia - A Place for Hosting Online Courses

Learnopia is a new service that offers hosting for online courses. Learnopia is also a place to find and take online courses. If course creators make their courses free for others to take, then hosting is free.  Currently, there are courses on Learnopia that are free and others that require payment.

Applications for Education
If you're looking a place to host an online course, Learnopia is worth giving a look. Unlike some similar services, Learnopia provides students taking your online course with a dashboard through which they can track tasks and communicate with you.

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Add Some Oomph to PowerPoint Slides

oomfo (yes, they spell it in all lowercase letters) is a free add-on to Microsoft PowerPoint. The purpose of oomfo is to enable users to insert animated charts and graphs into their PowerPoint slides. Using oomfo users can import data from spreadsheets to create their charts and graphs. Users can also export the charts they've created for reuse in other presentations. Watch the video below to see oomfo in action.

Applications for Education
Dressing-up PowerPoint slides doesn't inherently make presentations better. That said, visuals are an important part of making effective presentations that your audience understands. oomfo could help you or your students create visuals that assist in comprehending data and other information.

A GIMP Halloween Project

Since tomorrow is the last school day before Halloween, I thought I should post at least one thing related to Halloween. Through Make Use Of I found a video tutorial for creating a ghost using the free image manipulation program GIMP. If you teach image editing or use GIMP for other purposes the video embedded below might be of interest to you.

If you're interested in a thorough list of Halloween themed resources check out Larry Ferlazzo's list.

JayCut to Add Drawing Tools & More Languages

I've been talking about JayCut quite a bit this year because I think that it is a great free alternative to iMovie and Movie Maker. In the next couple of weeks my special education students will be using it to edit Common Craft style videos. Recently, JayCut announced a couple of new features to be on the look-out for in the near future. JayCut will be introducing a drawing tool that will enable users to to draw on the images they upload to the editor. JayCut will also be introducing support for ten languages in addition to English.

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