Monday, November 8, 2010

Lesson Plans from the Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art offers a sizable collection of online resources for teaching art lessons. Part of that collection is a series of lesson plans, but there are also collections of art for students, an art game for young (5-8 years old) students, interactive activities for older students, and podcasts about art and artists.

The MOMA lesson plans collection can be searched by theme, artist, medium, or subject. If the lesson plans in the collection don't offer quite what you're looking for, MOMA has free resources you can use in developing your own plans. MOMA offers many images and PDFs that you can use in developing own lessons and or slideshows.

Thanks to Benoit Philippe for sharing the link with me.

Applications for Education
The MOMA online resources for educators could be a good place to find lesson plans or find materials to develop your own lesson plans.

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Connect Safely - A Parents' Guide to Facebook

Connect Safely, a resource reviewed last year on Free Technology for Teachers, has just released a new 32 page guide to Facebook for parents. A Parents' Guide to Facebook is a soup-to-nuts guide to Facebook privacy settings, profile settings, group settings, and more. For parents who "just don't get Facebook" the guide offers great explanations of the appeal of Facebook for teenagers and what teenagers do on Facebook.  The guide provides a run down of recommended settings for teenagers and explanations of what those settings mean.

H/T to Sylvia Martinez for the news about this guide.

Applications for Education
If you occasionally find yourself fielding questions from parents about Facebook and social networking, A Parents' Guide to Facebook is a good resource to refer them too.

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SignUp Genius - Create Online Sign-up Lists

SignUp Genius is a free and easy way to create and organize online sign-up forms for all kinds of group activities. SignUp Genius creates a simple webpage on which people can sign-up for activities that you've specified.

You can make your sign-up sheet public or private. Once you've created your sign-up list visitors to your list can sign-up for the activities you've specified. You can monitor the sign-up list as it is filled and visitors can quickly see which slots are already taken. SignUp Genius provides a myriad of themes and styles for your sign-up sheets. The image below is a screen capture of the sample field trip sign-up sheet that I created on SignUp Genius.

Applications for Education
If you've ever held a classroom party and ended up with twelve trays of cookies but only two bottles of juice, you know the value of having a well-organized sign-up sheet. With SignUp Genius you can avoid that. Need chaperones for a field trip? Post a list on SignUp Genius. You can share your SignUp Genius lists by giving out the url or emailing private invites to parents (SignUp Genius supports mailing lists).

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Snag Learning Film of the Week - Becoming Barack

This post is part of my on-going series highlighting some of the free full-length documentaries available through Snag Learning.

Becoming Barack is a forty-one minute biography of President Obama focusing on his work as a community organizer in the 1980's and 1990's until his decision to run for political office. It's an interesting look at the experiences that influenced our president and continue to influence his decisions. You can watch the video and find student discussion questions here.
Watch more free documentaries

Applications for Education
Last week's midterm elections were labeled by some political pundits as a referendum on Barack Obama's first two years as President of the United States. If your school is anything like mine, you probably have some students who aren't big fans of President Obama. This video might give your students some perspective on what influences President Obama's policies today.

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