Friday, November 12, 2010

Historvius - Discover Historic Sites

Historvius is a new site that is part search engine, part map, and part reference source. The purpose of Historvius is to help people locate historically important sites associated with people and events from 4000BCE through today.

Visitors to Historvius can search for places by selecting range of dates, choosing a historic period, selecting a person, or by entering a combination of search terms. Search results are displayed on a Google Map. You can then click on a placemark on the map to find more information about that historic site.

Applications for Education
Historvius could be a good resource for teachers and students of history. Historvius claims to provide lesser-known sites in their search results. This could be useful for students doing biographical research to discover places significant in a famous person's life.

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Scribblar Adds Support for PPT Whiteboarding

Scribblar, a collaborative whiteboarding tool (previously reviewed here), announced today that they now support the upload of PPT files. Now you can upload your PowerPoint slides then draw on them, highlight them, and have others do the same. This feature is in addition to all of the other useful features Scribblar offers including equation editing, Flickr uploads, and live chatting while collaboratively sketching.

Here's a demo of some of Scribblar's features. (Note, this demo doesn't include the recently added equation editing and PPT uploads).

Applications for Education
Scribblar could be a used by students to collaborate on the creation of mind maps. Students and teachers could also Scribblar to provide online tutoring by using the equation editor and audio chat features.

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Monitor Your Typing Speed Across the Web

There are plenty of online programs that you can use to practice typing skills, test your typing speed, and test your typing accuracy. While some of those may be very good programs they don't evaluate your typing skills while you're going about your daily web browsing or word processing activities. Typing Speed Monitor, a Google Chrome extension, does just that.

Typing Speed Monitor is a Google Chrome extension that will track how fast you type and what keys you use most frequently. If you do a lot of writing online, Typing Speed Monitor is one way to get accurate feedback on your typing proficiency in real-world settings. The latest version of Typing Speed Monitor allows you to opt out of having it track your typing on domains you specify. For example, if you don't want it to track how fast you type on Facebook, you can exclude that domain.

Applications for Education
Typing Speed Monitor could be a good way to find out how well students actually type in realistic scenarios.

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Open Study Becomes More Open

Last month I introduced you to Open Study. Open Study is a free service that allows students to create online study groups. Students can create groups to share notes and ask each other questions. This week Open Study added some new features including "public access" to content on Open Study. This means that Open Study users don't have to log-in in order to view content (they do have to log-in to post new content). Also this week Open Study added new help videos on Vimeo.

To learn more about Open Study, watch the video below.

H/T to Audrey Watters for the update on Open Study.

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