Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Month in Review - November's Most Popular Posts

Here are the ten most popular posts from the month of November, 2010. The list is based on the number of clicks and unique views of each post.

1. Twenty Google Tools Tutorials for Teachers
2. Ten Steps to Better Web Research
3. Computational Thinking Lessons from Google
4. Road to Grammar - 365 Grammar Quizzes
5. Google Apps for Education Demonstration Video
6. Seven Ways to Build Your Own Educational Games
7. Ten Marks for Educators - Online Math Instruction
8. Create Audio Slideshows With Shwup
9. - Course Management in Google Apps
10. Try DropItToMe to Collect Assignments Online

Firefox Add-on - Simple Timer + Clocks

Simple Timer + Clocks is a Firefox add-on that offers count down timers, stop watch settings, and a clock reminder. Simple Timer + Clocks can be used to run multiple timers simultaneously to track the time you spend on different tasks. Once installed, Simple Timer + Clocks appears as a small alarm clock icon in the status bar of your browser. 

Applications for Education
If you occasionally find yourself struggling with the pacing of your class or with providing sufficient "wait time", Simple Timer + Clocks could be a handy tool to have open on your laptop. Simple Timer + Clocks could also be used track the time students spend completing tasks online.

If you don't want to install anything on your computer, a good web-based timer is Online Stopwatch.

Tours from Above - Aerial Views of Cities

Tours from Above hosts panoramic aerial imagery of cities and landmarks around the world. In all there are 49 panoramic aerial views of places and landmarks including the Eifel Tower, Victoria Falls, and various sites throughout New York. You can locate imagery by choosing from a drop-down menu or by selecting placemarks on the Tours from Above Google Map.

Image from Seattle, Washington USA

Applications for Education
One of the avantages of tools like Google Maps, Google Earth, and Tours from Above over standard textbook maps is that students can visually explore places in more detail than is available on a printed map.

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GeoGebra Help for Beginners

This post was inspired by a request for help from one of my colleagues. My colleague wanted to know more about how to use GeoGebra in his classroom. Not being a mathematics teacher, I didn't have a lot of ideas right off the top of my head but I did know of some links to send him.

The GeoGebra website you will find the GeoGebra Wiki which lists teaching materials and directions by grade level and content area. If you're a first-time or relatively inexperienced GeoGebra user, you will want to check out the GeoGebra quickstart guide and introductory ebooks. To ask questions and converse with other teachers using GeoGebra, the user discussion forum is the place to go. Finally, visit the GeoGebra YouTube channel for video tutorials.

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Wylio - Creative Commons Images for Bloggers

Wylio is an image search engine designed to help bloggers and others quickly find, cite, and use Creative Commons licensed images. Wylio results only return images that are listed with a Creative Commons license. Wylio makes it easy to give proper attribution to the creator of the image by providing you with html code that includes attribution. All you have to do is copy the code and paste it into your blog post or webpage.

Applications for Education
Wylio could be a great resource to have students use when they are writing blog posts for your class. There's no worry about students improperly citing work or not giving attribution because the html provided by Wylio includes attribution links.

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