Monday, December 13, 2010

Quiz Snack - Create Simple Polls and Surveys

Quiz Snack offers a free service for creating polls and quizzes to post in your blog or website. To use Quiz Snack you can sign in with your Twitter, Facebook, Google, or Quiz Snack account. Then select one of three poll/quiz formats, type your question(s) and answer choices, and select a template. Then copy the embed code provided by Quiz Snack and place it your blog or website.

Applications for Education
Posting a simple poll or survey on your course website can be a good way to get some quick, informal feedback from your students as to their levels of comfortability with your course's content. Some blog and website services have polling tools built-in. If your chosen blog or website platform doesn't have a polling tool, take a look at Quiz Snack.

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The Super Book of Web Tools for Educators

There are many teachers who want to start using technology in their classrooms, but just aren't sure where to start. That's why I got together ten prominent ed tech bloggers, teachers, and school administrators to create The Super Book of Web Tools for Educators. In this book there introductions to more than six dozen web tools for K-12 teachers. Additionally, you will find sections devoted to using Skype with students, ESL/ELL, blogging in elementary schools, social media for educators, teaching online, and using technology in alternative education settings.

Here's the list of contributors to The Super Book of Web Tools for Educators:
George Couros, Patrick Larkin, Kelly Tenkely, Adam Bellow, Silvia Tolisano, Steven Anderson, Cory Plough, Beth Still, Larry Ferlazzo, Lee Kolbert, and Richard Byrne. If you like what you read, please visit the contributors' blogs and let them know.

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The Super Book of Web Tools for Educators -

Bush v. Gore Ten Years Later

To some of us (particularly those who were passionate undergrad political science students in 2000) it seems like just yesterday Bush v. Gore was decided. It's now been ten years ago the 2000 Presidential Election was decided in favor of George Bush. CBS News has a short video recapping the story. Watch the video below.

If you show the CBS News video to your students, you may also want to show Common Craft's Electing a US President in Plain English.

Applications for Education
The case of Bush v. Gore should be included in any high school Civics discussion about the Electoral College. After watching the videos about and reading about Bush v. Gore have students compare and contrast the circumstances and resolution of that case with the 1876 Presidential Election featuring Tilden v. Hayes.

Only Two Days Left to Get Your Files from!

One last reminder, is shutting down on Wednesday, December 15. That's two days from now! If you have important files saved with, make sure you get them before it's too late. After Wednesday they will be unavailable. I was a huge proponent of and am going to miss it, but I've come up with ten alternatives to that I'll use from now on.