Thursday, January 13, 2011

Make a Video Contribution to The Visions of Students Today

Professor Michael Wesch who, along with his students, produced the viral video A Vision of Students Today more than three years ago is getting ready to produce another video. His next video is tentatively titled The Vision of Students Today. Professor Wesch is looking for teachers and students around the world to contribute to the new video. To contribute grab a video camera and record a two minute clip of scenes you see during the critical learning moments of your day. Then upload your contribution to Professor Wesch's YouTube Channel between next Monday and February 15. Click here to read all of the details about this new collaborative video project.

If you haven't seen A Vision of Students Today, check it out below. It's well worth four minutes of your time.

Applications for Education
As Professor Wesch points out in his blog post, recording a contribution for The Vision of Students Today could be a good way to get students thinking about their learning. It could also be a good professional learning activity to get a sense of what your students see as important in their learning and perhaps what they think your school thinks is important.