Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MDG Maps - Millenium Development Goal Maps

Millenium Development Goal Maps (MDG Maps) is a free tool for generating maps displaying development data about the world. The data comes from Millenium Development Goals data sets at the World Bank Data Set website. To use MDG Maps select a goal and then a development indicator from the menu provided. MDG Maps then produces a color-coded map representing the data set. You can place your cursor over any country on the map to view specific data. MDG Maps can be download as PDFs.
H/T to Google Maps Mania.

Applications for Education 
MDG Maps could be a useful tool for students of geography, political science, and global economics. Data maps are good for providing students with a means to visually compare data sets. I can see MDG Maps being a resource for students to quickly compare development indicators of countries in a region or continent. Use the comparisons students make as the jumping-off point for research into the causes and solutions of development inequalities between countries.