Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Vision of Students Today - Call for Submissions

Last week I shared with you Professor Michael Wesch's  preliminary call for contributions to a new video he and his students are working on. The video will be called The Vision of Students Today. The purpose of the video is to capture students' perspectives of the world and their most critical learning moments. Professor Wesch now has more information and how-to tips posted on his blog. He also posted a video of how-to tips and information about the project. I've embedded the video below.

And for those who don't know who Michael Wesch is, he's the Kansas State University professor who produced, with students, the very popular video A Vision of Students Today.

Applications for Education
As I wrote last week, recording a contribution for The Vision of Students Today could be a good way to get students thinking about their learning. It could also be a good professional learning activity to get a sense of what your students see as important in their learning and perhaps what they think your school thinks is important.