Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Art Teachers, You Have to See This!

Art Project powered by Google is a site that I learned about from Larry Ferlazzo. If you're an art teacher, you have to go check it out! The Art Project powered by Google features interior tours of seventeen world famous art museums.

Select a museum from the list on the homepage and you can virtually tour it using the same interface style you experience in Google Maps Streetview. Inside the museum just double click to zoom to a location. You can also open a floor plan overview and click on a room to navigate to that part of the museum.

The best part of the Art Project powered by Google is the option to create your own artwork collection while visiting each museum. As you're touring a museum click on the "+" symbol on any work of art see it in greater detail, to add it to your collection, and to open background information about that work of art. To create a collection you must be signed into your Google account.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Art Project powered by Google.

Applications for Education
The Art Project powered by Google looks to be a fantastic reference for students and teachers of art. When I was a middle school student I remember having to endure looking at art and listening to my teacher lecture about artwork that was of no interest to me. If I had been given the opportunity to explore a reference like the Art Project powered by Google, I may have been a little interested in the class and perhaps have learned something about the art I discovered on my own.