Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Awesome Screenshot - Capture, Annotate, and Share

Awesome Screenshot is a great Chrome and Safari browser extension for capturing, annotating, and sharing screenshots. Once you've installed Awesome Screenshot you can simply activate it from your browser to capture a page or region on a page, draw boxes, draw lines, blur out information, and add text to your screenshot. When you're satisfied with your screenshot you can save it locally or share it via the url provided by Awesome Screenshot. Watch the short video below to see Awesome Screenshot in action.

Applications for Education
Whenever I'm introducing a new web-based service to students or colleagues, I find that having annotated screenshots available to them in either digital or printed form is very helpful. Annotated screenshots helps you avoid answering the same question ten times and allows people who are more comfortable to go ahead on their own. The annotated screenshots also provide a nice reference for students and colleagues when they're working on their own without immediate access to an instructor.