Thursday, February 17, 2011

Find Sites Like Your Favorites with Similar Site Search

We all have our favorite websites and web-based services that we refer people to. Sometimes our favorite sites don't provide quite what our friends and colleagues need. In those cases, Similar Site Search can help you find websites and web-based services that are similar to your favorites. It's easy to use Similar Site Search, just enter your favorite site's url and go. I tested Similar Site Search this afternoon to find alternatives to Animoto, Memoov, and Aviary. In each case Similar Site Search worked well.

Thanks to Ana Maria Menezes for the link to Similar Site Search

Applications for Education
Similar Site Search could be useful for technology integration specialists or media specialists who are trying to help teachers find web-based tools that teachers can use in their classrooms. Similar Site Search could also be helpful to students who have found some good reference sites and would like to find more like them.