Sunday, February 6, 2011

Learn Advanced Uses of Forms in Google Docs

Recently, Google Certified Trainers Kevin Brookhouser and Tim Lee conducted a free webinar all about the advanced features available in forms and spreadsheets in Google Docs. The webinar includes directions for how to create a self-grading quiz using forms within Google Docs. The video of the webinar is embedded below. The transcript of the Q&A portion of the webinar is available here.

I've previously shared many tutorials for using Google Docs and other Google products in your classroom. Click here find twenty of those tutorials including the printable ebooks Google for Teachers and Google for Teachers II.

Applications for Education
Correcting multiple choice quizzes can be a time-consuming process for teachers. That's time that you could be using to plan better lessons or communicating with students about their progress in your classroom. A tool like a self-grading quiz in Google Docs could be a big time-saver for you.