Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Google Docs Tools to Try

Over the last two days Google has unveiled some useful enhancements to Google Docs. The first enhancement is to the Google Docs file list. The new Google Docs file list offers new filters for locating files by file type and file content. The best part of the new file list interface is the sidebar preview. Now when you click on file in your list you can see a small preview of it before opening it. If the file you select in your list is a video, the video can be played within the file list interface. Read about all of the other changes to the file list interface here.

Today, Google announced an enhancement to their Web Clipboard Chrome Extension. The Web Clipboard Extension allows you to highlight text on any webpage, right click on it, and send it to your Google Docs account where you can save it and use it in your documents, presentations, and forms.

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