Wednesday, February 2, 2011

US Railroad History Map

This morning I came across a short video offering a concise outline of the development and expansion of railroads in the United States. The US Railroad History Map video doesn't feature any special effects or music, just a clear and concise outline on a map.

A similar video, US Frontier Roads & Trails, uploaded to YouTube by the same person (Dizzo95) offers an outline of US frontier trails and roads.

A quick search on reveals some videos that might be useful supplements to your lessons about the role of steel and railroads in the development of the US economy. The first of the five videos is embedded below.

Applications for Education
The development of the railroad is a very important aspect of US History and I don't know of a US History curriculum that doesn't include it. While these videos won't replace what your existing lessons, they can certainly supplement your lessons. In a couple of weeks, I'll be posting the first of the three list above on the blog for my US History students.