Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Magnetic Poetry for Kids

Walk into any gift shop or toy shop and you're likely to find a set of magnetic words for sale. Slap them on your refrigerator and soon your whole family is having word fun. The Magnetic Poetry website offers kids and adults the opportunity to have that same word fun online. Magnetic Poetry's Kids' Poetry Page provides a bank of words that students can drag onto a blank canvas to create poems. There are four word kits that students can pick from to create poems and stories; First Words, Kids Kit, Best Friends, and Storymaker. After creating a poem or story students can save their creations online, email them to friends, and or contribute to the public poem gallery.

Applications for Education
Magnetic Poetry offers teachers fifteen activity ideas for using Magnetic Poetry with pre-readers, early readers, and readers. The activities list includes individual activities like word searches and group activities like tag team writing.