Monday, March 14, 2011

Popplet - Collaborative Mind Maps and Sticky Notes

Popplet is a new service that combines the best of online sticky note services like Wallwisher with collaborative mind mapping functions. Popplet allows you to create a wall of multimedia sticky notes that you can share with others. Your stickies can include videos and images that you pull from other online services. You can also upload media from your desktop to your sticky notes. Popplet offers a browser bookmarklet that you can use to add content from other webpages to your Popplet pages. Invite others via email to collaborate on your wall of sticky notes.

The mind mapping element of Popplet is the option to connect your notes. To do this just click one of the small circles that hovers near your note (Popplet calls them "Popples") while you're editing. Click those small circles will launch a connected blank note that you can edit.

You can create as many Popplet walls as you like within your account. Each Popplet that you make public can be embedded into your blog or website.

Applications for Education
Popplet could be a great way for students to create multimedia collages of information they find about a particular topic. That collage could be transformed into a mind map by using Popples that are connected to each. For visual learners this could be a good way to outline an essay by using a combination of their own notes with images and videos they find on the web.