Monday, March 28, 2011

Scrumblr - Simple Online Sticky Note Sharing

Scrumblr is a new site that provides an online space to create and share sticky notes with a group. Scrumblr can be used by anyone to quickly create an online space for sharing stickies. To get started just enter a name for your space. The name you choose will be a part of the url for your sticky note space. To add notes just click the "+" symbol in the bottom left corner of the screen. Then double click to edit your notes.
Scrumblr sticky notes are limited to text only. In that regard Scrumblr is basically a no-frills version of services like Wallwisher or Spaaze

Applications for Education
Online sticky note services like Scrumblr are useful for brainstorming sessions in which students can quickly share a bunch of ideas with each other. The anonymous online format enables shy students to share their ideas without fear of criticism from other group members.

H/T to Ana Maria Menezes.