Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Zendo - Take Notes and Create Flashcards at the Same Time

Zen.do is a new service that aims to help students develop study materials while taking lecture notes. The basic idea behind Zen.do is this; students take notes in the word processor in Zen.do then highlight terms or sentences in their notes to have them converted into flashcards. Students take notes as they normally would in any word processing application. Highlighted text becomes flashcards. Watch an introduction to Zen.do in the video below.

Here's what the Zen.do flashcard study section looks like.

Applications for Education
Zen.do could be good resource for students who like to use flashcards to review before a test or quiz. The notes they've taken in class are easily converted to flashcards. Zen.do provides the option to register using a Google or Facebook account which means students might have one less password to remember.