Monday, April 4, 2011

Create Useful Charts on the Visual Support Engine

Visuals Engine is a useful free resource from ConnectABILITY. The Visuals Engine provides six customizable templates for creating choice boards, story boards, schedules, and achievement charts. To use the Visuals Engine just choose a template then choose images or upload images for each box on your chart. You can type text to accompany each image on your charts. When you've finished editing you can print your chart or save it as a PDF.

Applications for Education
ConnectABILITY provides suggestions for using each type of visual chart for which they offer a template. One of their suggestions is to create "I want boards" to assist children in articulating their choices between two or more options. Another of their suggestions is to create a "token economy" board that contains images of the rewards students can earn for completing tasks.