Friday, April 15, 2011

Joliprint - Easily Convert Online Articles to a Print Friendly Format

Joliprint is a free service that converts online articles into a printer-friendly, reader-friendly format. The easiest way to use Joliprint is to add their bookmarklet to your browser's toolbar. Once installed click the Joliprint bookmarklet whenever you're reading an article that you want to print and Joliprint will generate a PDF of that article without the sidebar content from that blog or website. If you don't want to install the Joliprint bookmarklet you can simply copy a url and paste it into the conversion box on Joliprint.

Joliprint is not designed to work with search engine results list or homepages of sites and blogs. Joliprint only works with specific article urls. For example it won't work if you try it on but will work with Take a look at a Joliprint rendered PDF of the link I just listed.

Applications for Education
If you're in the habit of printing articles to give to your students to read try using Joliprint to convert those articles into a reader-friendly format while saving ink and paper at the same time.