Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lenovo M90z ThinkCentre Giveaway April 14-18

As some readers may recall, in mid-February I received a Lenovo M90z ThinkCentre computer to use in my home and take to my school. (Note it's heavy so you don't want to carry it to school and back everyday). The M90z is a 23" all-in-one touchscreen desktop computer. You can read all about the tech specs of it here. You can also read two of my previous posts mentioning the M90z here and here. In short, it's slick.

Win a free Lenovo M90z ThinkCentre!
On April 14 (this coming Thursday) through April 18 (a week from tomorrow) I'll be accepting entries for a random giveaway of a Lenovo M90z ThinkCentre.

*To enter all you have to do is leave a comment on the giveaway entry post that will appear at 6am (EST) on Thursday April 14. In your comment say how you and or your students might use a touchscreen computer in the classroom. One entry per person. On April 18 at 7:00pm (EST) I will close submissions and around 8pm announce the winner. The winner will be selected at random using a random name selector. So that I can identify and contact the winner anonymous commenting will not be allowed. Comments on this (April 10) post will not be counted as entries.

*This contest is open to everyone in the world (with the exception of those countries that the US has sanctions against and would get me in trouble for sending something there, sorry North Korea, Cuba, Myanmar).

*The giveaway unit will be shipped by The Influential Network who is contracted by Lenovo to facilitate promotional giveaways like this one.

If you don't win the Lenovo M90z ThinkCentre through my giveaway promotion, here is a list the other bloggers running similar giveaways for the next month. I think you'll recognize a lot of the names on the list.

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