Friday, April 1, 2011

Loop Scoops - Get Kids Thinking About "Stuff" They Buy

Loop Scoops is a series of eight videos about consumerism from PBS Kids. Each short (1-2 minutes) animated video features a short story with little lesson at the end. If students miss the lesson in the video they can click the "what's the deal?" button to read the lesson. The overall intent of Loop Scoops is to get kids thinking about the products they use everyday. The videos present lessons about what common products are made of, how those products are made, and what happens when a product is trashed.

The content director for Loop Scoops is Annie Leonard whose name you may recognize from The Story of Stuff video series.

Applications for Education
Loop Scoops could be used for lessons dealing with both consumer science and environmental science. After watching a few Loop Scoops have students pick some other everyday products in their lives and investigate how those products are made and what happens when those product are trashed.