Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Instablogg - Write a Blog Post in an Instant

Instablogg is a free service that allows anyone to start writing a blog post instantly. As soon as you land at you can start writing a blog post. You don't have to register or enter any personal information in order to write your post. Once you've finished writing your blog post Instablogg assigns it a url that you can make private or public. Instablogg also gives you the choice of enabling or disabling comments. Just as with any other blog platform Instablogg posts can contain images, videos, and audio files.

Applications for Education
Instablogg could be a good platform for having students publish their hyperlinked writing online. Instablogg doesn't require any personally identifying information so it is ideal for use with students under the age of 13. The one drawback to Instablogg is that the format is geared toward one-time uses rather than for creating an online portfolio. But if you're just looking to have students quickly publish their ideas and get feedback in the form of comments, Instablogg could be a very good option.