Thursday, May 5, 2011

JellyCam - A Free Stop Motion Movie Creator

JellyCam is a free program for creating stop motion movies. Using JellyCam you can create stop motion movies using images from your computer or images that you capture via your webcam. Once you've selected images you can quickly arrange them into a sequence. After the sequence is set you can specify how many images you want per frame.

JellyCam uses the Adobe Air platform. If you don't have Adobe Air Runtime it takes just a couple of minutes to install.

Below you can watch a video overview of JellyCam narrated by its creator. (The first few seconds of the video are blurry).

This is my first stop motion movie made with JellyCam.

Applications for Education
JellyCam doesn't offer an option for including sound yet, but it could still be useful for making time-lapse videos of a time-consuming process. For example, a game of Chess could be turned into a video that just shows the moves made by players. In a more classroom-oriented example would be to make a time-lapse video of the process of osmosis by capturing pictures of a raisin in water over time then arranging them in JellyCam.