Thursday, May 19, 2011

Minyan Land - A Virtual World for Teaching Kids About Money

Minyan Land is a free virtual world environment designed to teach kids about budgeting their money. Each player starts out in Minyan Land with $50,000 cash and a condo valued at $50,000. In Minyan Land players can invest their money, spend their money, and complete tasks to earn more money.

Parents can get involved by assigning real-world chores to their children. The kids then earn virtual money by completing those chores. The spending opportunities in Minyan Land aren't limited to just buying things for personal use. Players are given opportunities to donate some of their virtual currency to various virtual causes.

Applications for Education
Minyan Land could be a good way for elementary and possibly middle school students to learn about managing personal finances. The option to give their children real chores to do to earn virtual money in Minyan Land could be a good way for parents to get involved in the learning process.

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