Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Student Bullying Statistics Infographic

Update 2:00 pm ET. After a Twitter conversation with Sylvia Martinez, I've decided to add a couple of more comments about this infographic. One of the sources the infographic lists hasn't been updated in more than a year. Another source while current, is primarily an advertisement for legal services. Please consider your school's anti-bullying policies before printing and displaying this infographic in your classroom. 

Here's a good infographic for building awareness in your school about the effects of students bullying each other. The Student Bullying infographic produced by Buckfire Law, offers statistics related to the frequency of student bullying and the effects of bullying on students. I've dropped the image into to make it easier to examine on this blog, but you can also view the large image here.

Applications for Education
Displaying this infographic in classrooms or school offices could be a good aid in an effort to get students talking about bullying and to remind everyone in a school that bullying is a serious matter.

H/T to Cool Infographics.