Friday, June 17, 2011

Best of 2011 So Far - Daqri Augmented Reality

Now that my school year is over I'm taking a short fly fishing vacation. The posts for the rest of the week highlight my favorite resources of 2011 so far.

Daqri is a service for creating augmented reality layers for your mobile devices. Daqri will enable users to create augmented reality products without writing any code. The service is so new that it isn't open to the public yet, but it is accepting sign-ups for their private beta. Learn more about Daqri in the video below.

Not sure what augmented reality is? Watch the video below from Common Craft.

Applications for Education
One of the potential uses I see for build your own augmented reality services is having students create layers of information about important buildings and landmarks in their towns. Students could use a service like Daqri to create walking tours of their towns that people can follow by using their mobile devices.