Sunday, June 5, 2011

Go Go News - Big News for Little People

Update May 2016 - Go Go News has gone offline. 

Go Go News is a news website designed for elementary school students. The site features many short news stories that can be read and listened to. The stories that Go Go News covers aren't hard, breaking news stories. The stories are more of a interesting and educational nature. Two of the leading stories on Go Go News right now are a story about the discovery of seventeen new pyramids in  Egypt and a story about farming in the Amazon.

I learned about Go Go News from one of  Donna Murray's bookmarks posts.

Applications for Education
Go Go News makes learning about current events around the world accessible to students of all ages and reading abilities. Although it is not available yet, Go Go News does promise to have a teacher page set up and hopefully it will have some useful things for teachers in the near future.