Friday, June 10, 2011

History Videos from Khan Academy

Khan Academy is well known for its mathematics videos, but did you know that they have some history videos too? I didn't until I saw them mentioned on the US History Teachers Blog. By my count there are twenty-five videos in the history section of Khan Academy. The videos cover US History from the settlement of Jamestown through the Vietnam War, the French Revolution, the Haitian Revolution, and Napoleon's military campaigns. I've embedded US History from WWII to Vietnam below.

Applications for Education
I watched a few of the Khan Academy history videos and while they're good they're also a little short on imagery. For history videos I like to see a lot of images related to the topics being discussed. The videos did do a good job of providing timeline details. Overall, like most Khan Academy videos, these videos could make a good supplement to your classroom instruction. I won't be using these videos to "flip" my classroom, but I will post them on my course blog for my US History students to watch next year.