Sunday, July 24, 2011

JayCut Bought Out by RIM (Blackberry)

I've promoted the heck out of JayCut since it launched in it's current version in early 2010. I've had my students create short documentary videos by using JayCut, I've shown it off in-person to a couple thousand educators, and even co-developed a video creation contest featuring JayCut. And now like so many other awesome online tools, JayCut has been acquired by a bigger company.

On Friday JayCut announced that they have been bought by RIM (Blackberry) and as of now they are not accepting new registrations. If you have an existing JayCut account you can still log-in and download your videos. It appears that the JayCut tools will live-on in some form as a Blackberry app, but as of now it's not clear what that form will look like or cost. My advice to those of you who have content in JayCut, download it now before it's gone.