Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oxfam Food Price Pressure Points Map

Oxfam has published a new Food Price Pressure Points map that shows the places around the world that are most affected by food price spikes. The map contains interactive placemarks that outline the problem, cause, and impact of food price spikes in that location. The map includes a statistics tab that shows the percentage of undernurished people in the places highlighted on the map. You can also view each represented country's dependency on food imports.

You can explore the map as it is embedded below or click here to read Oxfam's blog post about the map and get the code for putting the map in your blog or website.
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Applications for Education
You could use Oxfam's Food Price Pressure Points Map as part of a lesson on nutrition, geography, and or agricultural. Challenge students to create their own maps, using Google Maps, of other places and peoples in the world that are affected by food price spikes. Ask students to include the causes and proposed solutions to the impacts of food price spikes.

Hat tips to Google Maps Mania and Larry Ferlazzo for this one.