Wednesday, September 28, 2011

File Info - What Kind of File Are You Receiving?

If you're in the habit of collecting assignments via email or in a Dropbox through a service like DropItToMe you've probably received a file or two whose extension you don't recognize. Before you open that unfamiliar file check out File Info to determine the type of file you're about to open. File Info is a registry of file extensions with explanations of what each file type is and what programs you can use to open it.

Applications for Education
File Info could be a handy reference for teachers and students who are gathering documents and media files from a variety of sources. You might encourage students to use the registry to determine if the file type they have created on their home computers can be opened by one of the programs on the computers they use at school. Of course, if you're working with text documents the best way to avoid file compatibility issues is to use Google Docs or Zoho Writer.