Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Google+ Adds Screen Sharing, Google Docs, and More!

Google+, you know, that new social network that everyone is talking about but not everyone understands yet, has just added some awesome new features that should know about.

The most notable new features that teachers and students should be aware of are the additions to Google+ Hangouts. Google+ Hangouts now support screen sharing. Google+ Hangouts now offers a collaborative sketch pad. But probably the most significant addition to Google+ Hangouts is support for Google Docs. Now you are able to collaborate in real-time on a document while discussing that document.

Some other things of note added to Google+ today are an Android App for having mobile Hangouts, the option to name a public Hangout and have anyone interested in the topic join, and improved search functionality in Google+. Finally, Google+ is now open to everyone, invitations are no longer required.

Applications for Education
The new Google+ Hangout features could be excellent for online peer tutoring. If you work with students who can use Google+ you could also use the new Hangout features for homework help or other distance learning options.