Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Google Search Lesson Plans and Webinars

Give your students any kind of research assignment and for better or worse the first place they're likely to turn to is Google. As educators part of our responsibility to our students is to teach them how to search more effectively. To that end the Google Search Education Evangelism site has a selection of lesson plans that you can use and modify to teach search techniques to your students. On the Search Education site you will find nine lesson plans covering the basics of search through advanced techniques to get students beyond the first page or two of search results.

If you're not sure what exactly Google offers for advanced search options or how you will teach them, check out the archived webinars Google offers in which many of the techniques and strategies are explained.

I have previously shared some resources of my own on the topic of advanced Google search tools. You can see one of those resources below.

Thanks to Alice Barr for Tweeting the link to the Google Search Education Evangelism site.

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