Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Interactive U.S. Constitution Games & Lessons

Constitution Day is less than two weeks away and by U.S. law every student is supposed to participate in a lesson about the U.S. Constitution. Through Larry Ferlazzo I recently learned about great site for elementary school lessons about the U.S. Constitution. Weekly Reader's The Law of the Land offers five interactive activities for learning about the founding of the United States.

The Law of the Land offers four interactive sections (Framers, Constitution, Timeline, and Bill of Rights) in which students can listen to and read about the creation of the U.S. government. Each section has a narrated introduction before students explore further information on their own. The fifth section is an interactive, Jeopardy-style game about the content in the previous four sections.

Applications for Education
In a 1:1 environment The Law of the Land could be a nice independent activity for elementary school students. The Constitutional Challenge game is well suited to use on a touch screen computer or interactive whiteboard.