Monday, September 19, 2011

Make Beliefs Comix Daily Comics Diary

Make Beliefs Comix, a multilingual comic strip creation service that I've featured in the past including in this list of comic creation tools, recently released some new materials to encourage daily creative writing. The Daily Comix Diary offers a plethora of suggestions for student comic strip creation activities. In addition to the Daily Comix Diary, Make Beliefs Comix offers a list of 21 ways to use comics in the classroom.

Applications for Education
Creating comics could be a good way to get reluctant writers to take a new look at creative writing.
On a classroom management note, if you don't have enough computers in your classroom for every student to be online at once or you have to go to a computer lab Make Beliefs Comix offers more than 100 printable templates that your students can use to plan before going online.