Wednesday, September 28, 2011

QRPedia - QR Codes for Wikipedia Entries

QRPedia is a neat website that was featured on Read Write Web this morning. RWW called it "the coolest QR thingy ever made." I don't think it's the coolest ever, but it is pretty neat. QRPedia is a tool for creating QR codes for any Wikipedia page in any language. When scanned the codes generated by QRPedia will automatically recognize the language of your phone and delivers the corresponding Wikipedia page in that language. Watch the video below to see how QRPedia is being used in museums.

Applications for Education
One way that you might use QRPedia in your school is to have students add QRPedia codes to collage-type assignments to enable the sharing of more information in the same amount of space as before. For example, you could have students add QRPedia codes to a Glogster collage.