Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Math Workout - A Great App for Keeping Your Math Skills Sharp

Math Workout is a free Android app for practicing your basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills. You can choose from six different practice activities. Each activity has its own series of progressively harder challenges. I started out using just the addition and multiplication activities that provide twenty problems to solve in your head. Your score for the activity is based on accuracy and speed. So that you can see if you're improving from day to day, Math Workout keeps a record of your scores for you.

After warming up with the basic activities on Math Workout I moved on and played Brain Cruncher. Brain Cruncher presents a series of calculations that you have to perform and keep track of in your head until you arrive at the final solution input field. Each calculation task appears on its own screen so you cannot see what the previous calculation was. Here's an example of a Brain Cruncher problem, "start with 10, divide by two, add thirteen, multiply by 3, subtract 6."

Here's a short video review of Math Workout. (Note, this video review is of the "pro" version which offers more challenges and is ad-free).

Applications for Education
Math Workout could provide a great way for students and adults to keep their basic mathematics skills sharp. Students can spend a few minutes each day on the app and track their progress. To see they measure up to the millions of other Math Workout users, students can try the 90 question Online World Challenge in Math Workout.

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