Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Veengle - Create Your Own YouTube Video Compilations

Two months ago I wrote a post about twelve useful YouTube accessories. That list included tools for viewing YouTube without ads as well as tools for remixing YouTube content. Now I have another good tool to add to that list.

Veengle is a free tool for creating compilation videos from the content you find on YouTube. Here's how it works; search for YouTube videos on Veengle, then select the portion of each video you want to include in your compilation, after you select each video portion click on "add to compilation" and that segment becomes a part of your compilation. There are some limited transition elements that you can add to your compilation to smooth the transition from one clip to the next. You can create as many compilations as you like. Your compilations can be shared on your favorite social networking sites or on your blog.

Applications for Education
Veengle could be a good way for students to create mini documentary film. My initial thought is that students in a history class to could create a "video timeline" of sorts by creating a compilation video that includes segments about important events within a particular era. For example, I might ask US History students to create a chronological compilation of videos about Civil War battles.