Thursday, December 22, 2011

Any Meeting - Free Webinar Hosting and Recording

Any Meeting is a nice service for hosting and recording live webinars without installing any special software. When using Any Meeting as a webinar host you can share your screen, use your webcam, and use text chat all at the same time. As the webinar host you can invite others to talk to the group using their webcams. You can have up to six webcams active in a webinar at any one time. You can record all or part of your webinar for free too. If you have people that just want to participate in the audio aspect of your webinar, they can call in using the phone number and access code assigned to your webinar.

Any Meeting has a free plan and paid plans. The free plan is supported with advertising. Using the free version of Any Meeting you can have up to 200 total webinar participants. The paid plans removes the advertising.

Applications for Education 
Any Meeting could be a great tool for delivering lessons and tutorial sessions online. Activate the recording option so that people who miss your live lesson can watch it at their convenience.