Friday, December 2, 2011 - A Place to Chat and Collaborate is a new service for quickly creating and hosting online collaboration spaces. On you can create your own space, quiet appropriately called Halls, in which you and your teammates chat, take notes, and manage to-do lists together. In your Hall you can also post polls and surveys to gather feedback from your group.

Creating a Hall on takes just a few minutes. You can sign up with your Facebook credentials or you can register using your name and email address. Once your Hall is created you can invite others to join you via email, Twitter, or Facebook. Your Hall is assigned its own URL that you can direct people to to join you. As a registered user you can make your Hall private and require a password for users to enter before joining your Hall.

Applications for Education could be a great service for teachers to create a place to post notes and for students. Students could join a teacher's Hall to ask questions and participate in group discussions. Teachers could also use the poll app in to collect feedback from students on questions like, "do you feel prepared for next week's test?" or "how long did it take you to complete assignment x?"

I've seen Tweeted by a bunch of people over the last 24 hours, but Larry Ferlazzo's blog was the first place I saw it.