Sunday, December 4, 2011

Insert Text - Win the Battle Against Inbox Overload

Everyday brings a new round of Man vs. Email to my life. Some days "Man" wins and other days "Email" wins. Now I have a new weapon in this battle and its name is Insert Text.

Insert Text is a Google Chrome Extension that allows you to right-click on any field in your email or other web form and insert a chunk of text from your personal library of saved text. Insert Text allows you to build a library of sentences and paragraphs that you use frequently. Then when you need to use one of those sentences in an email just right-click and select the sentence you want to use.

If you read the reviews of Insert Text on the Chrome Web Store, you might notice that some people had trouble using this extension to insert text. I did at first too until I restarted my browser after my initial installation of the extension. So if you install Insert Text, I recommend restarting your browser before trying to use Insert Text.

Applications for Education
If you send out week-in-review emails to your students' parents you probably have a few phrases that you frequently use in those emails. Save yourself some time and use Insert Text to construct those emails.

Do you have a favorite time-saving app? If so, please leave a comment.